The patented CLF BrightBoys are ideal to improve or convert any existing air-conditioned room or walk-in chamber into a multiple-condition room – finally enough space for different experiments or to give everybody in the group their own research area.

  • The BrightBoy is fully closed and has doors to access every single compartment of a GroBank.
  • • Due to that, you need fewer lamps to reach the same light intensity compared with an "open" design. Apart from the energy savings using less lamps you will also reduce the heat load of the lamps to your climatised room.
  • Every lamp bank in a BrightBoy is independently controlled
    This feature enables you to use the same GroBank for short and long day conditions or simply to turn off a lamp bank if it's not being used.
  • The inside walls and doors of the BrightBoy are finished with a highly reflective material
    This provides superior light uniformities averaging +/- 5%.
  • Every compartment of a GroBank has its own ventilation system.
    This prevents thermal gradients and provides high temperature uniformity within and between the compartments.

For details and exact sizes of all combinations of the different BrightBoy-models, control options please download the GroBank pdf file.

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