MobyLux GroBanks from CLF Plant Climatics

Compared with dedicated reach-in chambers, climatic rooms are often unsuitable for cultivating plant tissue cultures, Algae or Arabidopsis.

CLF CLF GroBanks are an easy and simple way to increase the efficiency of your climatic room without having to modify it. As long as it has a 13 A power source, there's a CLF GroBank which can give you the extra growing space you're looking for with just the right amount of light needed for your plants or tissue cultures.

CLF GroBanks are available in three model ranges

  • BrightBoys the research-grade solution which can be adapted to all your research needs
  • For smaller budgets or if you need a GroBank to fit exactly your needs and into an already existing environment:
    Specialneeds: EcoBoys, FlexiBoys



  • increase the existing growing area (makes from 1 m² of your climatic room up to 3 m² growing area)
  • provide just the right light intensities for Arabidopsis, tissue Culture or high Light plants
  • reduce energy costs
  • fit through every door
  • stand in every climatised room
  • irradiate at up to 1000 µmol /m² s
  • come with many options
  • give you excellent value for money