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About Percival Scientific

Percival Scientific engineers plant biology chambers, entomology chambers and chambers for specialised biological research for universities, colleges, government institutions and industry. Percival have grown to represent a rich tradition of product ingenuity and reliability throughout the world providing researchers with reliable custom made solutions. The facility encompasses all engineering, design, fabrication, and construction of our chambers, allowing Percival Scientific to maintain complete control of the manufacturing process.

A History of American Success

Established in 1886, by C.L. Percival and J.E. Smith, Percival Manufacturing based in Des Moines, Iowa, initially manufactured and sold butcher tools, machinery and fixtures. By 1901, they had perfected the design for a refrigerated cabinet; prompting Percival to pursue and receive a patent. Fourty years later, in 1941, the company moved to a new 24,000 sq. ft. facility in Boone, Iowa where Percival stayed until the 1990s and continued to manufacture a complete line of refrigerated display units.

The Industry’s First Commercial Plant Growth Chamber

In the early 1950's, at the request of Iowa State University, Percival became involved in creating the first commercially available plant growth chamber. This began the company's tradition of designing and manufacturing chambers that control the environment for specific research applications and is now the company’s sole focus.

Maintaining Engineering Excellence

Today, Percival chambers are manufactured in a state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot facility in Perry, Iowa. We maintain the highest quality by incorporating a one-piece flow, hand-crafted system utilizing the most advanced equipment. Percival chambers are shipped to the world’s top research labs.

With this long tradition of engineering and focusing on customers individual research needs Percival introduced many innovative solutions like the first dedicated Arabidopsis Chamber or chambers with LED lighting and offers a wide range of models which can be adapted to almost any research application.

With a history that spans more than a century, Percival will continue its commitment to improving research methods that will impact tomorrow.

plant growth and entomology chambers

plant growth and entomology chambers