Control Systems

Percival's Intellus Ultra has been designed exclusively for plant biology research – a sophisticated tool for programming your chamber to satisfy almost all research needs. Still, the straight forward, user-friendly and practical menus – make programming easy.

Intellus Ultra

The Intellus Ultra lets you control temperature, humidity, CO2 and lighting from the outside of any Percival chamber. When combined with the Intellus Ultra Web Server and Software, these applications can be controlled remotely using a Windows based PC or Mobile 5.0 Treo 700 WX Palm Smart Phone

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„The next generation of chamber control software.“

Where do you want to be today? South America? Africa? Norway? No one else gives you such an advanced level of power for precision chamber control.

WeatherEze allows your chamber to have real-time duplication of the temperature, relative humidity, and solar lighting for any global location.

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