Entomology chambers from Percival Scientific

Percival has along experience of designing dedicated chambers for insect research and for plant/insect interaction chambers.

All insect chambers can be adapted to your special needs whether you are working with beetles, butterflies, cockroaches or white flies.

For Drosophila Research please refer to our dedicated DR-Series of drosophila chambers


  • Interior spaces from 0.23 to 1.8 m³
  • working areas from 0.28 to 6.0 m²
  • phenolic coated cooling coils for corrosion resistance
  • pre-coil air filter
  • continuous running condensing unit for closer temperature tolerances (up to ±0.3°C) and longer life
  • vertical lighting
  • easy programmable and flexible controller


Intellus Ultra Controller, humidification, recorders, CO2 enrichment, dimmable lighting, temperature ranges from -10 to +60°C (making a 60°C system "decontamination" possible), full stainless steel interior

Each chamber is handcrafted and customised manufactured. So do not hesitate to contact us having special needs!

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Entomology Chambers