Algae Chambers

Algae research is becoming increasingly important whether in classical plant biology research, in nutrition or ecology. The AL-Series are dedicated chambers allowing you to work with a variety of different algae and work with higher jars or vessels. Please contact us for your special research needs – we have designed chambers for snow algae, tropical algae and fresh water algae.

Algae Chambers Specifications

plant growth and entomology chambers
PDF Model Temp Range
with all lights on
Interior Space
Work area Maximum Growing Height Exterior Dimensions
width depth height
Light Intensity
15 cm from lamps unless otherwise noted
Shelf Count  
    °C m3 m2 cm cm cm cm µmol/ m2 s    
Download PDF AL-41L4 10-44 +/- 0.5 1.1 2.6 26 104.1 86.4 196.6 330 4 Quote