Dew Formation Chamber

You will find one dew chamber in the market – and that one is manufactured by Percival Scientific. Our dew chambers employ the most recent technology to simulate the actions of the natural elements commonly required for pathology research studies.

Dew Formation Chamber Specifications

plant growth and entomology chambers

PDF Model Temp Range
with all lights on
Interior Space
Work area Clearance
Exterior Dimensions
width depth height
Light Intensity
15 cm from lamps unless otherwise noted
Shelf Count  
    °C m3 m2 cm cm cm cm µmol/ m2 s    
Download PDF I-36D

10-32 +/- 0.8

0.8 1.8 26.7   85.1 85.4 195.6 No Light 4 Quote
Download PDF I-36DL 12-32 +/- 1.5 0.8 1.8 26.7   85.1 85.4 195.6   500 4 Quote