Low Temperature chambers

Percival Scientific was the first; the first within the environmental chamber industry to engineer and build a low-temperature chamber. We have refined our design over the years to meet the exacting requirements of low-temperature research. Percival’s Low Temperature Chambers offer you the ability to measure temperature extremes; from freeze tolerance to heat stress.

Low Temperature Chambers Specifications

plant growth and entomology chambers
PDF Model Temp Range
with all lights on
Interior Space
Work area Maximum Growing Height Exterior Dimensions
width depth height
Light Intensity
15 cm from lamps unless otherwise noted
of Tiers
    °C m3 m2 cm cm cm cm µmol/ m2 s    
Download PDF LT-36VL -15-44 +/- 0.5 0.8   1.0  60.9   107.9 86.4 195.6  300  2 Quote
Download PDF LT-105    0-44 +/- 0.5 2.2  1.5 142.2  297.2 94.2 196.1 980  1 Quote