Welcome to the Homepage of CLF Plant Climatics

Welcome to CLF Plant Climatics, the leading supplier of plant growth and entomology chambers. As the exclusive partner of Percival Scientific Inc. in Europe, we offer a broad spectrum of chambers from compact LED chamber to large area multi-purpose plant growth chambers. Our scientific-grade PlantMaster walk-in rooms can be equipped with multi-tier GroBanks or high light intensity lampbanks. They can be adapted to existing rooms – may it be up on the roof or down in the basement.

No matter if you are working with Arabidopsis, Drosophila, algae, tobacco, aphids, grains, sand-flies, trees, mosquitoes, Physcomitrella, fungi, Medicago, weeds, potatoes, cockroaches, strawberries, or other species - we will find the perfect chamber for your research work.

We take care to listen and understand what you need before offering advice on which chamber could be most suitable for your application. All chambers we supply are installed, tested and commissioned on site by our own fully trained technicians - all you need to do is open the door of the chamber and put your cultures in. A comprehensive warranty supported by a 72 hour after-sales service throughout Europe provides the security of years of trouble-free operation.