Services of CLF Plant Climatics

CLF Plant Climatics takes special care to help you find the best solutions for your plant biology needs and to give you time to concentrate on the really important things: your research work


We want to be sure that you get the best possible solution for your application. This is why we take special care and consider your application needs but also focus on practicalities like where your chamber will stand. We are most happy to help you with all the questions which might come up before you buy a chamber from us – and of course, also afterwards.

Technical support

Wherever you are in Europe you can rely on our technical after-sales service - even after the two year guarantee period. Our own experienced service technicians will provide a prompt repair service. We keep stock of lamps and spare parts available for same day despatch.


We install each chamber and make sure that the only thing you have to do with your chamber is to open the door and put your plants in. Every chamber gets delivered and un-packed by specialist transport carriers and installed and tested to our rigid test procedure on site by our trained service technicians.

Operating the Chamber

We will give you and your colleagues full training on how to work with your new chamber; everything from how to enter a program to changing a bulb - no need to struggle through instruction manuals on your own. And of course, we are always happy to help should there be any questions later, too.

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