CLF floraLEDs

CLF PlantClimatics offers a wide range of LED products for plant growth applications. The narrow-spectrum floraLEDs are available in blue, green, red, far red and cool white. The pre-selected, high-intensity LED support plant growth very efficiently, because of the high percentage of emitted energy which can be used by plant photosystems. And are so ideal for studying isolated effects in photoreceptors and many plant physiology applications.

CLF floraLED modules are equipped with up to 700 LED. They provide overall light intensities of up to 450 µmol /m² s. flora LED modules can be used as mobile units with their own controller (CLF floraLED Starter Kit) or they can be integrated in every Percival Plant Growth Chambers. Each LED colour can individually be programmed and dimmed from 1 % to 100 %.

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    CLF floraLED lampbanks

    CLF floraLED lampbanks can be equipped with up to 6 LED modules. They can be fully integrated in Percival chambers and programmed over the Intellus Ultra Controller. They provide ideal conditions for the analysis of photo-induced effects and excellent light uniformities over the entire area. Our floraLED pdf download will give you first impressions of our different product lines - please contact us for further details.