Plant growth chambers from Percival Scientific

In the early 1950's Percival became involved in creating the first commercially available plant growth chamber. This began the company's tradition of designing and manufacturing chambers and rooms for the specific needs of plant research scientists. Percival offers a broad spectrum of chambers from bench-top models to extremely compact chambers with high light intensities of up to 1500 µmol /m² and special application chambers for Arabidopsis, plant tissue culture or algae.

The Percival Programe


  • interior spaces from 0.23 to 3.6 m³
  • working areas from 0.28 to 2.0 m²
  • adjustable growing heights from 42 to 142 cm
  • broad temperature ranges and low temperature variation of ±0.5°C (all lights on)
  • adjustable high intensity lighting of up to 1250 µmol /m² s
  • flexible and easy programmable controller


Intellus Ultra Controller, humidification, recorders, CO2 enrichment and scrubber, closed or open loop dimmable lighting, temperature ranges from -10 to +50°C, water-cooled or remote air-cooled condensing unit

Each chamber is handcrafted and customised manufactured. So do not hesitate to contact us having special needs!

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Plant Growth Chamber